Robert Davies Physics Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Rob Davies Physicist, Utah State University

As a physicist, Rob’s training has been in atmospheric physics, surface physics, and quantum optics. But his work for more than a decade has been in critical science communication, principally focused on global environmental change and sustainable human systems. Rob is also co-creator, along with USU’s Fry Street Quartet, of The Crossroads Project, a “performance science” project weaving together science lecture, imagery and music on the topic of human sustainability.

Rob has taught on the faculty of three universities; worked as project scientist for Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory; as technical liaison for NASA’s International Space Station project; as a physicist and climate change communicator with the Utah Climate Center; and served as an officer and meteorologist in the United States Air Force.

His published scientific works are in the fields of spacecraft interactions with the space environment; the fundamental nature of light and information; and Earth’s climate system.

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