Gary Hoogeveen CEO, Rocky Mountain Power

Gary Hoogeveen is president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power. He is responsible for delivering electricity safely and reliably to 1.1 million customers in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming, and also oversees thermal generation and mining for the company.

Previously Hoogeveen served as senior vice president and chief commercial officer at Rocky Mountain Power, leading programs and initiatives to help customers access and benefit from renewable energy.

He joined the Berkshire Hathaway Energy family of businesses in 2000 and served as president of Kern River Gas Transmission Company for nearly five years prior to joining Rocky Mountain Power. He also served as vice president of customer service and business development for Northern Natural Gas Company.

Hoogeveen holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from University of Northern Iowa, and a Ph.D. in space physics from Rice University.

He and his family live in Park City, Utah.

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