What is Mountain Towns 2030?

The sense of urgency around 2030 continues to escalate. The world’s climate scientists agree—to control global warming at 1.5 degrees, the earth needs drastic reductions in carbon emissions by 2030. Communities need to identify and act on effective solutions immediately.

Mountain Town 2030 is a coalition of mountain towns committed to achieving ambitious carbon reduction goals by 2030.

2019 Net Zero Summit

The inaugural MT2030 Net Zero Summit was held on October 2-4, 2019 in Park City, Utah and was represented by over 30 mountain towns & counties, 15 governmental organizations, 30 non-profits, and 40 businesses. 

This 3-day conference for invited city and local governments to learn from inspirational speakers including Dr. Jane Goodall and Paul Hawken, share best practices in focused workshops, and create commitments to aggressive goals that will amplify our collective voice to compel our national and global leaders to commit to “zero.”

The Mountain Towns 2030 Pledge

The Mountain Towns 2030 (MT2030) Net Zero Summit in Park City, UT concluded with mountain communities, non-profit organizations and ski industry leaders making bold commitments.

An initial group of over 35 organizations from MT2030 signed the following pledge, and more continue to sign on every day:

Mountain towns are comprised of passionate citizens, vibrant businesses, and natural splendor. However, we are threatened by the impacts of climate change in our economic stability, water scarcity, wildfires, snowfall and our way of life.

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our generation and must be addressed at all levels. As leaders in mountain communities, it is our obligation to address this issue in a bold, timely, and meaningful way. In the next year, we commit to:

1. Lead community conversations about setting courageous and action-based climate goals that make significant impacts by 2030.
2. Engage other leaders in our community, region, and state in aligning climate action.
3. Actively share and collaborate with other communities on implementing best practices and creating new solutions.

Our actions will demonstrate that mountain towns, local businesses, and other stakeholders can and should lead the nation in the sustainability movement. We invite any community, business, and non-profit worldwide to join us in taking courageous steps to transition to a carbon-free economy.

Please click here to learn more about the MT2030 Pledge.

What’s next for MT2030?

There was strong consensus from the MT2030 community to build on the energy and commitment that emerged from the inaugural Net Zero Summit. We’re in the process of developing in the next steps for MT2030, which will include:

  • Developing effective and practical methods for the MT2030 community to share goals, expertise and technical know-how across an array of initiatives.
  • Helping organize the 2nd annual conference in Summit County, Breckenridge & Frisco, Colorado in 2020. 


Wed Oct 2

INSPIRE | Opening presentations, panels and workshops

OPENING NIGHT KEYNOTE with Dr. Jane Goodall & Paul Hawken


Thu Oct 3

EXPLORE & COMMIT | Setting goals and defining paths to 2030



Fri Oct 4

FIELD DAY | Solutions in action around Park City

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