We empower mountain communities to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

And positively influence people and organizations around the world.

We believe mountain towns have the power to have a global impact on climate change. MT2030 is a coalition of mountain towns committed to working together to aggressively reduce our carbon emissions to net-zero and hopefully by the year 2030. 

We help mountain and outdoor communities towns accelerate their progress towards their net-zero goal by:

Setting Ambitious Goals by signing on the MT2030 Pledge. Make the commitment to ambitious and achievable goals.

Uniting Diverse Community Stakeholders. We align key stakeholders: elected leaders and CEO’s, resorts, businesses, NGO’s, community leaders and trade associations to collaborate and achieve an ambitious climate goal.

Leading High Impact Collaboration. By leveraging existing data and knowledge, and bringing communities together to participate in a collaborative planning process, we are connecting communities with actionable tools, data and valuable resources to achieve their ambitious climate goals quicker and more efficiently. We’re building capacity and accelerating progress that otherwise would not have existed.

Influencing Others. By communicating the successful efforts of MT2030 communities and partners we’re inspiring and empowering mountain and outdoor communities to participate.

Who is Mountain Towns 2030?

MT2030 is comprised of cities, towns and counties and their elected officials, local government staff, business leaders, ski resorts, local nonprofits and community leaders – all who support and shape the mountain and outdoor lifestyle of our communities.

Why 2030?

The world’s climate scientists agree—to control global warming at 1.5 degrees, the earth needs drastic reductions in carbon emissions by the year 2030. There is a significant gap between current policies and pledges to get us there.  We need to act on effective and proven solutions today.


Worldwide emissions need to peak and begin to drop


Drastic reductions in emissions need to have happened


The world becomes net zero carbon emissions

2022 Net Zero Summit

Due to health concerns, we decided to cancel the 2021 Net Zero Summit. We are planning to host the Summit in 2022 and will keep you updated as soon as more decisions are made. Sign up below to stay in touch.  

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Presenting Partners

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